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Global data breach costs are expected to triple in coming years. Yet, most organizations remain vulnerable to cyber attacks, data theft, disruption, and exposure.

Cybersecurity isn‘t an option — it’s imperative.

Our digital landscape is under persistent threat from sophisticated cyber attacks and bad actors. The potential for disruption and damage underscores a critical and urgent need for investment and advancement in cybersecurity. Innovations in AI are dual-edged in nature, providing new ways to both secure and infiltrate networks, challenging those responsible for protecting our systems like never before.

We’re wired into the cybersecurity sector with a diverse portfolio of companies defending critical infrastructure, commerce, and everything in between. We’ve invested in more than 30 companies taking on cybercrime. Our cybersecurity investors aren’t just seasoned cybersecurity experts; they include serial entrepreneurs with the ability and experience to swiftly bring innovation to market and drive value creation.

The Urgency of Cybersecurity

Remote work, reliance on mobile devices, and the growth of cloud infrastructures have expanded the reach of cyber vulnerabilities. Individuals, businesses, and our nation face unprecedented risks from rising digital threats.

Critical Topics in the Cyber Sector:

  • Balancing the power and safety of AI and machine learning
  • Protecting supply chains, critical infrastructure, and national security
  • Securing emerging technologies, e.g., the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G
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