About ClearSky

ClearSky is a venture capital and growth equity fund manager that invests in innovative, transformative companies.

We specialize in investing in technology solutions that power the energy transition and disruptive technologies in cybersecurity.

Over more than a decade, we’ve effectively managed approximately one billion dollars in capital commitments. Our investment funds enable exciting companies to bring disruptive technology to market while positively impacting our world and delivering value for our investment partners.

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We invest in what we know.

ClearSky offers proven expertise in the cybersecurity and sustainable energy sectors. We understand trends, opportunities, and technology from an industry insider’s perspective, providing us unique insight and an edge in our investment decisions.

We have a compelling track record of providing returns and impactful results for our investment partners. Every dollar earned is the result of real difference-making for the sustainability of our planet and the security of our world.

We know investing in a safer, sustainable world is the smartest investment.

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Investment Strategy

Superior Returns from Deep Experience and Relationships:

  • Invest in transformative technology and platforms
  • Enhanced deal flow and diligence via deep sector expertise and long-standing customer relationships
  • ClearSky and its partners provide prime, industry-focused financial and operational expertise
  • Accelerate revenue growth and facilitate product-market fit through strategic relationships

Commitment to Impact Investing:

  • Being a steadfast steward of capital requires consideration of the broader ESG impact
  • Member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) and signatory to both the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and the Venture Climate Alliance (VCA)

ClearSky Funds

ClearSky is currently actively investing primarily through the following major ClearSky Funds. Each ClearSky Fund is actively managed by ClearSky’s skilled team of experienced investment professionals.