Energy Transition

Energy Transition


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The push for decarbonization is real – with investment driven by private entities that are reacting to societal demands to reduce carbon footprint, and also by public sector funding packages and regulation. This push is expected to affect all industries, with BNEF estimating that $6.7 T of annual investment is needed to reach global net zero.

The power grid represents a major decarbonization opportunity with an urgent need to catalyze cleaner energy.

We strive to be a catalyst for a cleaner tomorrow.

We understand next-gen energy markets’ needs while identifying key, modernizing technologies – achieving proven returns while measuring and managing their transformative impact. With a decade-plus track record of strong investments for our partners, we create an enduring impact on the environment.

The Nature of the Energy Transition

We believe that the shift to smarter, cleaner, more reliable energy is inevitable. We stand at the forefront of sustainable investing, balancing the needs of the home we all share with those of our partners’ portfolios.

Notable Themes in the Energy Sector:

  • Focus on decarbonization impacts all business sectors
  • Movement from fossil fuels to renewables
  • A recast electrical grid supports renewables and decentralization
  • Accelerated by sizable government spend
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